You can purchase Steve’s songbooks, Crossroads and Reap the Wind as PDF download through his Bandcamp page!

Cover of the Crossroads Songbook          

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I Wish I Didn't Have to GoReap the Wind
In A Quiet MomentRenaissance Melody
Cold ButcherJourney's DoneSearching for the Frontier
ColinLay Your HeadSeducing the Unicorn
Come HitherThe Legend of NightfallShai
CrossroadsLong WinterSilver Gilt
Smithsonian Tech
Divinity ReflectedMarathonThere And Back Again
DragonflightMerry MeetTightrope
Dreamer's SongThe MinstrelTo Boldly Go...
DutchmanMoon LanderTo Touch A Star
Movin' AlongTravelin' On
October SkyTremor
One O'ClockWaiting is...
Gather DayPalms*warm*
Paper Worlds - ReallyWhat I Know
HomePlain ValentineWhen I Think of You