A Michigan native who was transplanted to Germany, Steve Macdonald has been performing his award-winning brand of folk and folk-rock since the early 80’s for audiences all across the USA and in Europe.

From 1981 to 2006, he performed professionally in bars, coffeehouses, restaurants, and Renaissance festivals (as Gallamor the Bard) in the upper Midwest alongside whatever daytime career he had at the time. His love of music and the craft of performance comes through in everything he does.

His concerts have been described as energetic, funny, and heartwarming, with songs and stories from his life; as well as standards that everyone can sing to.

Over the years he has released 7 albums as a solo artist and has provided guitar and vocal support to several albums by other artists.

While Steve still performs solo, he can also be found performing with the duet Twotonic; the Hamburg Oratorio Choir, the Kammerchor Belcanto, the mixed quartet Barbership, or the folk-rock trio Dive to Atlantis.

“A powerhouse, dynamo, intense and focused.” – Diana Huey

“Imagine him with a lute. A bloody loud 12 string lute.” – Ju Honisch

“He received a free meal once by singing in a restaurant.” – Paul Kwinn

“He’s still clumsy and runs at the mouth.” – Nancy (his big sister)