Seducing the Unicorn

©1992 Steve Macdonald

My daddy is a worldly man,
His eyes shine for love of gold.
And many have crossed his path
Their pockets lifted of their load.

Oh, my daddy loved his family fierce
And worked hard all the day.
But I wondered what meant more to him-
The daughter, or the pay.

I was young then
A happy, carefree child.
I’d laugh and play all the day
‘Neath the skirts of the forest, wild.

Oh, I’d gaze long in the forest, dark
And wonder at the mysteries there.
The deep, deep green called to my heart-
But I was too young to know where.


Staring off into the green-
Was that a flash of white?
I crept closer, it was no dream
My eyes met such a sight.

Oh, he stood upon four cloven hooves
A single horn from his head
He was sleek and strong, he gleamed with power.
Then he came to me, as though led.


I ran through fields a-day
My companion at my side
The grass was green, the clover sweet.
My life had been opened wide.

But one day daddy followed close behind
And saw all I had to share
Then he ran to see the soldier’s King;
For a Horn is so very rare.


I knelt in the green with my comrade
His head resting ‘neath my breast.
Sharing our thoughts, looking deep in his eyes,
A peaceful day of rest.

Then the soldiers came and dragged him off
A quick sword stroke and was done.
They gave daddy thirty silver coins
I cried, and I had to run.


I am a great grandmother now.
A lifetime has passed my eyes.
I still mourn my friend, I wish to dream again
I want to touch the sky.

Oh, my friend lives on inside my heart
He’s part of the mysteries there.
But still I long to touch his sweet, soft side.
And soon I will, I know where.


Written at my first OVFF in October, 1992.