I Wish I Didn’t Have To Go

Lyric ©1980 by John and Steve Macdonald
Music © 1980 Steve Macdonald

Listen to me, don’t you see, the world is smaller every day.
Been all around, and I have found it’s getting closer, every way.
As life presses in
I see more seperation;
Walls are growing of class, creed, and nation.

And I wish I didn’t have to go
I’ve been grateful for the chance
To know each one of you.
But I’ll leave you with my song
Before my time is through.

Let music be your gift to people everywhere.
Talk to the world in song, show them how you care.
Let the melody give you wings
As the lyrics catch your hands-
Reaching out with sweet voices
To encircle Heaven’s bands–


This is my plea, for unity; no matter who we are.
Thank you, my friends, at this, the end; for bringing me this far.
Everywhere we’ve gone
We’ve seen the walls are breaking
Coming to know human souls
By the music that we sing–


In 1980 I toured Central Europe for 4 weeks with the Blue Lake International Choir. This was written for that trip, and sung to the host families I stayed with.