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CD Release – 29th October 2022

Dramatis Personae:
Steve Macdonald: Lead & harmony vocals, 6 & 12 string acoustic rhythm & lead guitars
Katy Dröge-Macdonald: Accordion
Kristoph Klover: Irish Whistle, Bouzouki
Arlene “Callie” Hills: Flute, Bass Flute
Eva Van Daele-Hunt: Melodeon, recorder
Harmony vocals by Katy Dröge-Macdonald, Kristoph Klover, Eva & Rafael Van Daele-Hunt, Alex & Sibylle Levin, and Renee Macdonald


All songs copyright ©2022 by Steve Macdonald except:

Jerusalem Lyrics & Music copyright ©1997 by Dan Bern

Hands of a Friend Lyrics copyright ©2001, 2022 by Steve Simmons & Steve Macdonald, Music Copyright ©2001, 2022 by Steve Macdonald


Cover Art by Jane Irwin
Package Design by Anke Herodek

Recording Engineers: Steve Macdonald, Kristoph Klover
Mixing & Mastering: Kristoph Klover

2000, Consonance; Santa Clara, California
2004, Thin Ice Studios; Ypsilanti, Michigan
2007, Thin Ice Studios; Hamburg, Germany
2022, Flowinglass Music; Oakland, California
2022, Triskelion Productions; Hamburg, Germany

For Nancy. I love you, sis.

Thank You
First of all, thank YOU for buying this album- this makes it all worthwhile. Without the care and support of many people over the last 18 years, this album never could have come to be. This album would not be what it is if it weren’t for the contributions and inspirations from many people. Luke, Joshua, Alyse, Maedbh7, Evil, Chris, Gordy, Ju, Lissa, Annie, Talis, Phil, Merav, Susan, Bille, Alex, Steve S, Eva, Rafael, Callie, Renee, Stoph, Jane, Anke, and most of all, Katy- thank you.


About the Album 

In 2001, Steve traveled to every filk convention, to record as many filkers as possible singing a single song. This project was called the WorlDream. It was a large project, and in the end it took 20 years to complete (see worldream.filk.de for the results!).

Some of the songs on this album reflect Steve’s thoughts and feelings that helped develop the WorlDream, and some of these songs reflect the impact that the WorlDream project had on him. All of the songs on Wanderer were written between 1999 and 2003. Steve started recording the album Wanderer in 2004, and intermittently worked on it for the next 18 years.

The album title Wanderer is appropriate in more than one context. First of all, it reflects the wandering that was done to accomplish the WorlDream. In another context, it’s a single word statement of Steve wandering off to Germany to get married. The media used to record this album has wandered from digital tape to hard disk to SSD, and the song list has changed many, many, many… many times. MANY times.

Lastly, and perhaps most appropriately- Wanderer means the same thing in both English and German.

Steve hopes that you will enjoy this collection as much as he has in presenting it to you. He just hopes that you don’t need another 18 years to hear the songs.