Searching for the Frontier

©1998 Steven Macdonald

Going out and seeking land for us all
Journey through the vastness of space
Time to hit that C Plus wall
We must go to save our race

Searching for the frontier now
We’ll get out there, somehow
Searching for the frontier now

Doctor Bussard helped to give us a dream
A ramjet to build up speed
Or we set up a rigging and sail
Solar wind can carry us- we won’t fail


Hyperdrive could still be our way out
Folding space cheats relativity now
Doc Smith talked about inertialessness
Doesn’t matter how we go; we gotta meet the test



Making our first solid steps into space
Establishing a lunar base
Freedom will wait for us all
Listen- can’t you hear the call

Refrain x2

Written for the Contata songwriting contest in July, 1998, in my typical timeframe (30 minutes prior to the contest). It placed second- to a guy who was composing what he was doing literally on stage! Maybe I should move my schedule up…

2nd Place Contata Songwriting Contest, July 1998