Reap the Wind

©1998 Steven Macdonald

You walk out the door
With anger in your heart
I demand too much, you feel
As you turn the key and start
I sit back unknowing what
I’ve planted in your breast
The seeds of chaos that will
Grow as I rest.
You sow the storm
You reap the wind

I walk out of our door
Not knowing what I’ve done
Your cries for help are heard
But rarely acted on
The seeds I’ve sown have
Taken root and grown
Is this how all things end?
Are we on our own?
You sow the storm
You reap the wind

And the wind howls through
like a Demon in the night
Every minute lasts
an hour ’til daylight
Every touch turns to dust
Everything of Light has lost
it’s Power.
And the wind howls through
you, shattering your Soul
No part of you will
remain whole
To last you must
hold on to all you’re worth
For that is all you have to hold
You can’t hold the wind.

Far too many years
Have passed along this way
You have always asked for love
And I don’t know what to say
I feel you’re always here
We’ll always be as One
Feeding the chaos seeds
That grow as time goes on
You sow the storm
You reap the wind


I walk in through our door
To make a brand new start
You’re body’s here with me
But I’ve misplaced your heart
I walk in shadows
I feel now most alone
With a hole here in my heart
That is now all I own
I sow the storm
I reap the wind


There are no heroes, and no villains. Cherish those close to you while you have them; for times and people change- just as the tides and eddies of your life will carry you in changing directions through the course of your journey.