Tablet Population

Getting stuff onto your tablet

So, all this is great and all, but how do you get songs into these apps?

You can either enter songs directly in on the tablet (slower), or create them on a computer and transfer them to the tablet (faster).

You can scan existing paper music to PDF on a scanner, or through the camera on your phone/tablet and then import/save to the app. Or, you can send your paper off to a scanning service that will, in a couple of weeks, return all your files to you in digital form (they will dispose of the paper for you).

If you are creating ChordPro files; again you can either type them directly in on the phone/tablet (slower) or on a computer (faster) to be imported later. You can also find lyrics online and copy/paste them into text files on your computer.

Once the files have been created on your computer, you can transfer them using either a built-in Console functionality, through a cloud service (such as Dropbox), or via a USB cable in some cases.

Console functionality is a process where you can use your full-size computer monitor, keyboard, and mouse to create a file, and that file is automatically saved on the tablet- no importing required. There are two ways that Console functionality works:

  • Web access: The app has a built-in web server; and you access your tablet from the web browser of your choice (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Anything typed into the browser window is automatically saved on the tablet.
  • Local App: A local app on the computer has some form of direct or indirect connection to the tablet, so that edits made with that app automatically appear on the tablet.