Record Tracklist

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  2. -:-- / 3:45
  3. -:-- / 1:59
  4. -:-- / 8:19
  5. -:-- / 3:52
  6. -:-- / 3:19
  7. -:-- / 6:27
  8. -:-- / 3:35
  9. -:-- / 3:40
  10. -:-- / 4:33

Released May 1994 (out of print)

Engineered by Greg Gersabeck of Primeau Productions and Bill Roper of Dodeka Records.

Cover Art by Heather Bruton

Dramatis Personae:
Steve Macdonald: Vocals, Acoustic, Electric, and 12-string Guitars; Recorder on Renaissance Melody; Synthesizer on Carriage Ride

Mary Ellen Wessels: Vocals on When I Think of You, Crossroads, and Seducing the Unicorn; Recorders on Skating on the Strings

Greg Gersabeck: Lead Guitar on Crossroads

All songs Copyright ©1994 by Steve Macdonald except:
Renaissance Melody, Dreamer’s Song, and I Wish I Didn’t Have to Go, which are Copyright © by John and Steve Macdonald

For Susan– For allowing me to share with the world. . . and come home. This would mean nothing without you.

Special Thanks
Steve thanks: John Macdonald, Greg Gersabeck, MEW, Thom Mattingly, Harry Smothers, Lee Billings, Alisa Cohen, Tom Smith, June Morley, Lisa Hunter, Spencer Love, Mom and Dad, and all who have (wittingly or unwittingly) encouraged, listened, told me when I sounded good (and bad), praised me when I needed it, and kicked me in the ass when my ego started getting away with me.

Bill and Gretchen (Dodeka Records) would like to thank the Supreme Court for their ruling on parodies, but have nothing more useful to say than Justice Souter did.

Gretchen would like to thank Steve for being a real sweetheart. Bill tends to agree, but would probably phrase it differently.