Journey’s Done

Record Tracklist

  1. -:-- / 1:58
  2. -:-- / 3:08
  3. -:-- / 2:50
  4. -:-- / 3:18
  5. -:-- / 3:37
  6. -:-- / 3:15
  7. -:-- / 2:17
  8. -:-- / 2:53
  9. -:-- / 1:56
  10. -:-- / 2:51
  11. -:-- / 4:34
  12. -:-- / 2:52
  13. -:-- / 5:52
  14. -:-- / 3:44

Released in October 1995

Recording: Bill Roper and Gretchen Roper
Mixing: Bill & Gretchen Roper, Steve Macdonald

Cover Art by Heather Bruton

Dramatis Personae:
Steve Macdonald: Vocals, Guitars
Mary Ellen Wessels: Vocals on To Boldly Go, Joining, Journey’s Done, To Touch A Star; Recorder on To Boldly Go

Andy Anda: Violin on Plain Valentine
Nate Bucklin: Lead Guitar on Movin’ Along
Andrea Dale: Vocals on Cold Butcher
Julia Ecklar: Vocals on To Touch A Star
Kylea Fulton
: Flute on The Minstrel, Tightrope; Whistle on Cold Butcher, Tremor
Diana Huey: Vocals on Movin’ Along and Premonitions
Kathy Mar: Vocals on Premonitions and To Touch A Star
Mike McGonagle: Drums on Cold Butcher and Tremor
Bill Roper: Vocals on Journeys Done

All songs Copyright ©1994 by Steve Macdonald except:
The Minstrel and Gallamor, which are Copyright © by John and Steve Macdonald
Premonitions, Music Copyright © by Steve Macdonald, Lyric Copyright © by Rick Cartledge

For Luke, Renee, and Joshua- to achieve and fly, one must first dream.
For Bill Rintz- where there’s life, there’s hope and wishes fulfilled.

Special Thanks
Steve thanks: Mary Ellen Wessels, Bill Roper, Kylea Fulton, Nate Bucklin, Andrea Dale, Kathy Mar, Julia Ecklar, Mike McGonagle, Diana Huey, Andy Anda, Gretchen Roper, Judith Hayman, the Journey’s Done Chorus, Tim Ryan, and Thom Mattingly. Most of all, thank you, Susan.

Dodeka Records thanks: Kylea Fulton, who flew in from Winnipeg to help us out; Bill Rintz, who may have been more worried about missing his recording session with us than his stroke- thanks, Bill, and get well; Andy Anda, who stepped in at the last minute; Nate Bucklin, whose talents we abused greatly at Confusion; Mary Ellen Wessels, who spends most of her life on I-94; our virtual army of vocalists; and Susan, who deserves the Medal of Honor for handling three kids while we borrowed her husband.