© 1986 Steve Macdonald

I’m ridin’ that long highway at night
And I’m passin’ everything in sight
My pedal’s to the floor
Needle’s at the pin, and I’m

Well, I thought I had a knack
But I ain’t a-ever goin’ back
My bridges are burned
There’s nothing there

Na na na na na
Future before me, pain left behind
Na na na na na
Crossroads ahead, better stop wasting time.

Well, you know I never knew
Really quite what to do
When I looked out there
And saw her with

Well, I started my way back
And I thought about what we lacked-
We’d fought too much
She set me free
That day.

Chorus, Instrumental, then Chorus

I’m ridin’ that long highway at night
And I’m seeing with a second sight
The life that’s over
The life yet to

I’m seein’ things I’ve yet to do
That before I never knew
The road lies ahead
So much there to

Chorus x2