Reap the Wind

Record Tracklist

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  5. -:-- / 4:45
  6. -:-- / 3:12
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  8. -:-- / 3:56
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Harold: I love you!
Maude: That’s nice, Harold. Now go and love someone else.
From the movie 
Harold & Maude

Original Dodeka Release – October 1999
Re-Release – July 2020

Dramatis Personae:
Steven Macdonald: Lead and harmony vocals, 6 and 12 string rhythm guitars, 6 string lead guitar, whistles, pops, and various inconsistencies

Arlene “Callie” Hills: Flute and Bass Flute- both played consistently and well. Appears on Discovery, Searching for the Frontier, What I Know, Reap the Wind, Believe

Amanda Noon: Vocal on Legend of Nightfall


All songs Copyright ©1999 by Steven Macdonald except:

The Legend of Nightfall: Lyric Copyright ©1993 by Mickey Zucker Reichert, Music Copyright ©1998 by Steven Macdonald

When I Was A Boy: Lyric and Music Copyright ©1997 by Frank Hayes (BMI)

Discovery: Music Copyright ©1999 by Steven Macdonald and Arlene ‘Callie’ Hills


Cover Art by Jane Irwin

Recording Engineers: Steven Macdonald, Merav Hoffman, Arlene “Callie” Hills, Bill Roper, Mark Peters, Nancy Graf

OVFF XIV, Columbus, Ohio, USA,  October 1998
The Farm Studios, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, January and February 1999
Dodeka Studios, Des Plaines, Illinois, USA, March 19992020

Mixing Engineers: Bill and Gretchen Roper, Steven Macdonald
Mixed at Dodeka Studios, Des Plaines, Illinois, USA


For Esther Walton, my Grammie. A woman who lived her life with no compromises, raised my mother as a single mom in the 40’s, and whose entire life proves that no mountain is too high, no barrier too thick, and no problem unsolvable.

Special Thanks
This has not been an easy year for me. This album was started with the breakup and dissolution of my 14 year relationship with my wife, Susan; and it carried me through much of the emotions and cares of that time. The songs offered here were both a catharsis and comfort for me; and it is my prayer that they help provide you comfort and insight through your own life’s journey.

We all have unique and special gifts which no one can quite duplicate. Some gifts are flashy and loud; and some have the soft comfort of warmth and close intimacy. Many gifts are similar; but each is touched by the unique soul of its bearer. You may feel that your gifts are small; however, remember that *all* gifts are meant to be shared and celebrated.

Stand. Sing your song. And make your life grow.

This project would not have been possible, or turned out in the fashion that it has; without the love and support of many people. In no particular order, the highlights are:

Lucian, Renee, Joshua, Bill and Gretchen Roper, Lisa Hunter, Merav Hoffman, Paul Kwinn, Beckett Gladney, Evan and Alyse Middleton, Tracy Lunquist, Erik Wessing, David Abzug, Rita Burke, Samantha Star Straf, Mickey Zucker Reichert, Diana Huey, Heather Munn, Steve Simmons, Michael Martin, Callie Hills, Mom and Dad, John and Joni Macdonald, Nancy and Glenn Mabile, Elizabeth Huffman, Amanda Noon, Frank Hayes, Jim Davis, Dave Tucker, Pete and Jill Grubbs, Carson Gaspar, Jane Irwin, Daniel Glasser, Suzanne Siegel, Carol Heydlauff, Mike Bakula, Thom and Lori Mattingly, Tom Billings, Brian and Martha Bay, Jan DiMasi, Art Warneke, Kenn Capman, Kae Ann Chapel, Moira, Thomas, Blinky the Traveling Virtual Cube, Susan Moerdyk, and any and all that I’ve forgotten here- you know who you are. We sit in hotel corridors or stairwells at 4AM sharing our life stories; high on lack of sleep and sugar buzz, taking comfort in each others’ company.