Long Winter

© 1994 by Steve Macdonald

The snow lies lightly on your heart
The cold reaches deep within.
You chill when I catch your eye
You look down, then you look away.
Long winter of your soul. (repeat 3x)

I burned you very deeply
And Ice was the only way to heal.
I know this, and I accept it
I’ve been where you now feel
Long winter of your soul. (repeat 3x)

I know that to see me hurts you
But you gave these gifts that can’t be returned.
My muse, my life, my song
I have to tell you;
I have to tell you,
To tell you.


I’ve burned you all too deeply
But I had to make a choice.
I’m still here if you need me
Just look up, and find your voice.
Long winter of your soul. (repeat 4x)