Journey’s Done

©1994 by Steve Macdonald

It’s a long, long road
To leave our planet’s hold.
Destined to reach our goal

Walk step by step
Mile by dusty mile
‘Till the stars we’ve won
Journey’s done.

As we look to our past
It took sweat and grit to last.
Da Vinci knew it could be done


Brothers Montgolfier
Were first to find a way
Balloons rising with the new day.


December 1903
The Wrights learned to fly free
And gave the gift to you and me.


Vostok, Mercury
Soyuz, Gemini-
Orbit the skies and see


You know the road is long and hard
With pitfalls in the way.
And for some the burden is heavy and long
And high is the price they paid.

But for all those we’ve lost
And for all those we’ve won
We’ll remember them long
We’ll remember out past our Sun.

Apollo and Moon-land
Mir, Ariane
Columbia glides in to land


Throughout history
We’ve strived to rise and see
Achieve orbit- then go free!

Refrain (2x)