Playing in Traffic

Record Tracklist

  1. -:-- / 3:18
  2. -:-- / 3:21
  3. -:-- / 8:13
  4. -:-- / 2:53

Released in July 2002

Produced by: Steve Macdonald

Recording Engineers:
Greg Gersabeck, Primeau Productions (Sep.- Oct. 1993)
Bill and Gretchen Roper, Dodeka Records (Apr. 1994, Jul.- Aug. 1995, Aug. and Dec. 2001)
Steve Macdonald, Thin Ice Studios (July 2002)

Mixing Engineers:
Greg Gersabeck, Bill Roper, Gretchen Roper, and Steve Macdonald

Steve Macdonald and Bill Roper

Cover Art by by Todd Cameron Hamilton with photographic assistance from William Dwyer ©2002

Dramatis Personae
Steve Macdonald
: Lead and harmony Vocals, Acoustic 12-string Guitars
Kylea Fulton: Whistle on Tremor
Mike McGonagle: Drums on Tremor
Kathy Mar: Backing Vocals on Premonitions

Premonitions Copyright © by Rick Cartledge and Steve Macdonald
Gallamor and Dreamer’s Song Copyright © by John and Steve Macdonald
Tremor Copyright © by Steve Macdonald

Bill Roper and I were discussing this project, which at the time I had tentatively labelled “Crossroads 2.0: The Missing Tracks”. Needless to say, I thought that this title was a little bit ponderous, and I was seeking ideas for a better name. Bill got this evil gleam in his eye, and suggested “Playing In Traffic”. Immediately visions of standing under a traffic light in the middle of a crossroads, busking with my guitar case open, and angry drivers shaking their fists at me came to mind.

I was sold.