Smithsonian Tech

©2001 Steven Macdonald

Solar powered sail ships
Q-Beam clips
Gravitonic firing guns
Atom power, tapes that run

That’s the day I wanted to see
Not this future history
Gas, coal, steam and sweat
I know we will get there yet
Orbit high
Dream of sky

Teardrop ships, robotic laws
Pinero’s lines
Monofilament saws
Arisia, Trantor too
Explore the skies
Where’s my silver suit?


Heinlein, Sturgeon, and Asimov
Doc Smith, Bradbury, Clarke
These and others gave us future dreams
It’s up to us to make them real

Valentine Michael Smith
Barsoom, invasion
Terraforming gifts
Flying cars,
LaGrange colonies
Tourist flights to Luna City