Lay Your Head

©2000 Steven Macdonald

Lay your head- into my arms
Lay your head- rest your eyes
Lay your head- ease your burden down
Lay your head- lay your head.

Your day’s been long, you’ve done so much for one day
Close your weary eyes and smile.
Let the dreamsweep carry you to that restful land
Be held in dreams
As I hold you now


Gentle breezes carry you and (The Lady / Mother ) holds you dear
Feel her gentle pulse with your heart
You can feel (The Lord / Father)’s voice enfolding you with warmth
Be safe in dreams
As you are now

Refrain 2x


While I am Christian, I have many close friends who walk different spiritual paths. As it happens, two of my friends who walk those different paths were expecting children at about the same time. I had promised that I’d write a lullaby for them; and it was recorded with mutual friends and sent to both couples.