Waiting is…

©1999 Steven Macdonald

Step by step the ladder grows
The upward climb is all you know
The higher up, the further to fall
Which rung will break? Plummet, lose all…
Waiting is …..

Brittle broken, done to myself
No one can reach in – none can help
A thin veneer covers the pain
When will it crack, break again?
Waiting is ….

Life goes on, there are brand new dawns
So they say, start a new day
Before the dawn though, the nightmare’s long
Ignore agony – just hang on –
Waiting is ….

Look to others, escape your head
Ignore the pain, and what they said
Build community, come what may
For you know one day it will all go away
Waiting is …..
Waiting is …..
Waiting is …..



This was written in a particularly dark moment. 

The whole point is to hang on- don’t let go. It may be extremely dark right now; but “right now” will always pass to “then”, making space for a new “right now”.

Hang on, a new dawn will come. Waiting is.

Waiting Is…