Follow the Moon Home

©1999 by Steve Macdonald

vows broken, promises bled
judgement handed down, sealed in red
alone and hollow, the journey begins
lighting the path to walk through my sins

so i follow
yes i follow
the moon home

and i follow
yes i follow
the moon home

miles can be measured by the pace of a song
driving home alone, all night long
balances made to keep to the goal
cost me pieces of my soul

so i follow…

big and bright- in the eastern hight
soft white beacon beckons to the night
soul tired alone tonight
bone weary i don’t want this fight
to go on…


lonely tonight, no one knows
how far and deep the damage goes
hold me close unto your breast…
if only i could really rest…

so i follow…

This was inspired from the trip home from my ex’s house when we finalized the divorce judgement paperwork. 

It was a 2.5 hour drive home, heading east on I-94 in Michigan. The last coffin nails have been placed on my marriage. I’m lonely. Depressed.

Then the Moon rose. It was full, lovely, huge- and flaming orange. Hovering directly over the freeway going East. Over my house.

It guided me home safely… when I felt anything but safe. And it gave me this song.

Follow the Moon Home