Expanding Circles

©2000 Steven Macdonald

Driving out from your home- in the night
Just a few short hours – you hope the time is right
Getting ready to risk your song- risk your heart
Hoping and praying that you don’t- fumble at the start…

Family met that wasn’t there before
A few short hours and your life has changed once more
Expanding circles- the world is smaller and more warm
Hold your loves within the circle of your arms…

Sitting in a corner, silent- while you watch the waves
Of friends with years between them- feel lonely and afraid
Is this the way it will be- alone again?
How best to break the silence- make the aching end…
You want-

Chorus and Instrumental

Sitting in a corner, silent- one note moves your lips
Then your soul comes pouring out- something inside rips
One note becomes a Song; the chorus pulls you in
Your Song and heart then join the Dance- you belong again…

Chorus x2


This was written at FKO 10, 2ooo. It was there that I met Tim and Annie Walker, and Phil and Lissa Allcock for the first time, and that introduction kinda gave the final kick that brought this song out. It had been sitting in my subconscious percolating away ever since I was bodily dragged into the filk community in 1992. Intentional family is a subject that gets bandied about quite a bit; and sometimes the ties made with people can be lifelong and forged extremely quickly.

Gary Mcgath wrote me a note a couple days after I composed this. He wrote, “By the way, I just read your Expanding Circles on the Deutsche-Filk list, where Kerstin Dröge posted it, and enjoyed it very much. It’s appropriate to the title of the song that you wrote it in Canada after meeting with some British friends, it was posted to a German list, and I read it in the USA.”

This is for the entire filk community- anyone who has ever found understanding, fulfillment, and a bond through music, song, and the melding of souls with emotion and sound. This is also specifically for people in my intentional family; both past, present, and future.