Crossroads- The Songbook

  • Acceptance
  • Carriage Ride
  • Cold Butcher
  • Crossroads
  • Dreamer's Song
  • Gallamor
  • Gather Day
  • I Just Love Those Old B Movies
  • I Wish I Didn't Have to Go
  • Joining
  • Journey's Done
  • Long Winter
  • The Minstrel
  • Movin' Along
  • Plain Valentine
  • Premonitions
  • Renaissance Melody
  • Seducing the Unicorn
  • Skating on the Strings
  • Tightrope
  • To Boldly Go
  • To Touch A Star
  • Tremor
  • When I Think of You
  • Crossroads was initially published by Steve Macdonald and the Minnesota Science Fiction Society. The book features all the songs from the albums Crossroads and Playing in Traffic; as well as some of Steve's parodies and social commentary.

    The cover art was done by Jane Irwin, and features artwork by Beckett Gladney, Nancy Graf, Matt Leger, Todd Mathews, Seanan McGuire, Diana Harlan Stein, and Kirstin Tanger.

    Check it out! And learn how to break strings and picks like Steve!

    Copyright ©2003 Steve Macdonald