Wood And Steel

  • At The Harbor
  • Captain Wedderburn
  • Superman
  • Kate and the Ghost of Lost Love
  • Dandelion

    Wood And Steel is Twotonic's introductory album gift for friends and family.

    The name is a deliberate cross pollination of the instruments we are using- Katy is playing a Takamine 2007 Limited Edition guitar ('Storm'); which is pictured on the cover. Steve is playing a Taylor 625ce. Taylor's periodic magazine for owners is titled "Wood & Steel". Hence, the mix of both on our album cover.

    This is an album of songs that in one way or another, we thought were really interesting and fun to sing.

    These tracks were recorded in December 2012 and January 2013, with most of the work happening between Christmas and New Years.

    In detail, the original composers or recordings we worked from were:

    At The Harbor by Renaissance
    Captain Wedderburn trad. arrg. Great Big Sea
    Superman by Five for Fighting
    Kate and the Ghost of Lost Love by Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer
    Dandelion by Antje Duvekot

    Label Information

    Copyright ©2013 Steve Macdonald