Drive By Barding cover
Drive By Barding
Drive By Barding is the second Renaissance Faire release for Gallamor the Bard. It features more humorous material, including the infamous Close Your Eyes.

Gather Day
Gather Day is Gallamor's first release. It features many of Steve's Renaissance and Fantasy Faire material, as well as songs by Heather Alexander and Talis Kimberley.
Crossroads is a Dodeka Records re-release of large portions of Songspinner and Journey's Done. All the songs were remastered, and two pieces were re-recorded specifically for this project. The songbook is also available.

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Playing in Traffic
We couldn't quite fit all the songs from Songspinner and Journey's Done onto Crossroads. The four songs that didn't make the cut can be found here.
Reap The Wind
Reap the Wind was Steve's first CD release. It marks a significant change in direction from his earlier works, and has often been called his best recording to date
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.Journey's Done
This was also a tape-only release, with the music from this tape being re-released on CD in 2002.
Steve's first album was a cassette-only release. The tracks from this project were re-released in 2002 on Crossroads and Playing in Traffic.
Recognition Recognition
Steve has also done some limited distribution albums that are out of print.
As mentioned above, the Crossroads songbook is now available. It contains all the songs from Crossroads and Playing In Traffic, as well as previously unpublished parodies, opinions, and playing tips.
Steve also plays music that he didn't compose. Here is a list of some of the covers he performs.  


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