Gather Day

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  • In May, 2004, I played my first professional Renaissance Faire. This isn't such a big deal, except that I was introduced as 'Steeeeve, the Bard!'

    This just doesn't work at a faire.

    So, I was suddenly confronted with the need to create a stage name. I didn't have to look far, I've been using Gallamor as an online ID for years.

    But- I don't have any recordings under that name. Oops. And I have my second Faire coming up within a week. Ow.

    So, I ran off to my lonely recording studio on June 15, 2004. All the recording was done within 36 hours; mixing was done within another day. This project really is a snapshot of how I'm performing these days- it's mostly a live project with some tracks tossed on top to try to make it a little more interesting (if you read this as an apology for missed notes and an... interesting... mix, you read correctly... *smile*).

    This CD is comprised of what I'm currently playing at faires in early 2004. It's a mix of previously released material, some cover songs, and three new songs that haven't seen the light of day until now.

    Diana Harlan Stein is an awesome goddess who provided the artwork. From scratch. In under 48 hours. Go check out her website. Buy her stuff.

    Liner notes and other details.


    Copyright ©2004 Steve Macdonald