Gather Day liner notes

Produced by: Steve Macdonald
Recording Engineer: Steve Macdonald
Mixing Engineer: Steve Macdonald
Mastering: Steve Macdonald (boring, isn't it?)

Cover art: Diana Harlan Stein ©2004

Dramatis Personae:

Gallamor the Bard: Lead and harmony vocals, 6 and 12 string guitars, recorder, pucker whistle, various live inaccuracies

Katy Droege: Harmony vocal on 'Dark Wanderer'

All songs Copyright ©1980-2004 by Steve Macdonald except:

The Minstrel and Renaissance Melody, © by John and Steve Macdonald
Copyright © by John and Steve Macdonald

Black Davie's Ride Copyright � 1989 Cynthia McQuillin
Dragon For Sale Copyright � 2001 Ben Newman
John Barleycorn - Traditional
Looking For Jack Copyright � 1992 Talis Kimberley
The March of Cambreadth Copyright � 1990-2003 Heather Alexander

Hail and well met! Outside these grounds, Gallamor the Bard is more commonly known as Steve Macdonald. He has travelled the highways and byways of the world to bring these humble musical offerings to you for your enjoyment.

This album is dedicated Alyse Middleton and Deb Toornman, They Of Well-Filled Bodices. It is through their grace and good intent that I was able to play for you today.

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Copyright ©2004 Steve Macdonald