Festival of Light

  • Babylon by Don McLean
  • Light One Candle by Peter, Paul, and Mary
  • Dark Is Rising by Julia Ecklar and Susan Cooper
  • Day To Day by Stan Rogers
  • Summer by John Denver, et. al.
  • Green Hills of Harmony by Hal Frank and Hamish Henderson
  • Looking for Jack by Talis Kimberley
  • *warm* by Steve Macdonald (lyric)
  • Festival of Light by Tracy Lunquist
  • Winter, 2001 found me broke after doing the WorlDream. And with a loooong list of Winter Holiday gifts to give. So, on December 16, 17, and 18 I sat down in front of my trusty tape machine and recorded a few songs. Then, with my trusty CD-RW on my computer, I made a few copies for my friends.

    This is the result.

    The liner notes on the CD are here.


    Copyright ©2003 Steve Macdonald