A suspicious looking pic of Steve.

Steve's musical career began in the bathtub. Really. He had a washcloth puppet that he sang to while his mother gave him his baths (he got an early start on the 'Singing in the Shower' craze of the mid-Sixties). Anyway, the bathtub was right next to the toilet. Honestly- he could see it right over there. You could say his musical career got started just out of the toilet.

With such humble musical beginnings, modern culture historians the world over have been surprised with what he's managed to accomplish.

Steve plays filk. Most people haven't heard of this small sub-genre of folk music. The most useful definition of the term 'filk' that he's heard is "Filk is folk, for very narrow values of the letter 'o'"

Simply stated, filk is the folk music of science fiction and fantasy fandom, with all sorts of crossovers to many other genres of folk and rock. Filkers tend to not take themselves too seriously; there's a lot of humor inherent in the genre (I mean- look at him! Can't take that too seriously, can we?).

That's not to say that all filk is humor- far from it. Songs that focus on space, modern technology, as well as fantasy, horror, and the here-and-now are all accepted.

Steve's music focuses on relationships, with storytelling elements pulled from his own experience and the experiences of friends and family. His albums reflect the depth of his songwriting talents.


Another pic of Steve with his guitar.
Yet another pic of Steve and guitar. You'd think they had a relationship or something...

From the dark and brooding nature of Reap the Wind, to the driving force of Cold Butcher, to the light fun of I Just Love those Old B Movies, Steve is sure to take you for a ride.

And he's not limited to his own songs- he has hours of other people's material at his fingertips. Which is a good place for that material to be, since he uses those fingertips to play the guitar...

Versatility, lots of material, and long hair. Yep, he has a lot going for him.

But most of all, Steve likes to sing.

A lot.

Check him out.


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