Tentative Track listing (in no particular order):
  • Colin
  • One O'Clock
  • There And Back Again
  • Dark Wanderer
  • Silver Gilt
  • Smithsonian Tech
  • YKW
  • Merry Meet
  • Hands of a Friend
  • Divinity Reflected
  • Expanding Circles
  • Waiting Is
  • *warm*
  • October Sky
  • Interlude

    Wanderer is the upcoming solo CD project, scheduled for a January 2008 (if we are lucky) release.

    We began recording in 2001. Some say there is no limit to the amount of procrastination that I'm capable of. Some days I believe them. I've been chipping away at this project for 'WAY too many years, and in the interim; managed to do 2 other albums (Gather Day and Drive By Barding- both for the Renaissance Faire audiences). Watch this space for developments.

    Cover art is Copyright 2002 by Anke Teschke.



    Copyright ©2006 Steve Macdonald