Journey's Done liner notes

Recorded at Dodeka Records and in our mobile studio (Ok, it was a hotel room!)

Engineered and produced by:
Bill and Gretchen Roper

Cover art: Heather Bruton

Unofficial acid blocker: Pepcid AC

Steve Macdonald: Vocals, Guitars
Mary Ellen Wessels: Vocals, Recorder
Kylea Fulton: Flute, Whistles
Mike McGonagle: Drums
Nate Bucklin: Lead Guitar on 'Movin' Along'
Andy Anda: Violin
Andrea Dale: Vocals
Julia Ecklar: Vocals
Kathy Mar: Vocals
Diana Huey: Vocals
Bill Roper: Vocals

All songs Copyright © by Steve Macdonald except:

The Minstrel
Copyright © by John and Steve Macdonald

Copyright © by John and Steve Macdonald

Music Copyright © Steve Macdonald
Lyric Copyright © Rick Cartledge

Thanks to Dodeka Records- for actually offering me another contract! (Silly of them, wasn't it?)

Thanks also to Mary Ellen Wessels, Bill Roper, Kylea Fulton, Nate Bucklin, Andrea Dale, Kathy Mar, Julia Ecklar, Mike McGonagle, Diana Huey, Andy Anda, Gretchen Roper, Judith Hayman, the Journey's Done Chorus, Tim Ryan, and Thom Mattingly. Most of all, thank you, Susan.

For Luke, Renee, and Joshua- to achieve and fly, one must first dream.

For Bill Rintz- where there's life, there's hope and wishes fulfilled.

-Steve Macdonald

Dodeka Records would like to thank the following: Kylea Fulton, who flew in from Winnipeg to help us out; Bill Rintz, who may have been more worried about missing his recording session with us than his stroke- thanks, Bill, and get well; Andy Anda, who stepped in at the last minute; Nate Bucklin, whose talents we abused greatly at Confusion; Mary Ellen Wessels, who spends most of her life on I-94; our virtual army of vocalists; and Susan, who deserves the Medal of Honor for handling three kids while we borrowed her husband.

Song Notes:

To Boldly Go (7/94)
In July, 1994, Mary Ellen and I were guests at TorontoTrek, a Star Trek convenion in Toronto for which I wrote this song.

The Minstrel (6/83)
John penned this one referring specifically to me. I am still trying to live up to it.

Long Winter (2/94)
Just listen.

Gallamor (6/82)
What if the magic from the Third Age was actually the remaining Creation-force completing the world? What happens when the world is done? Or at least medium-rare?

Cold Butcher (3/93)
I used the Great Lakes Cree Indian legends of a creature called a Wendigo to compose the lyrics. As the title suggests, a Wendigo is neither cuddly or nice.

Premonitions (10/84)
Fairly self-explanatory, this is the story of a young man who dreams of the woman he'll bond with. The circumstances of how he gets his premonitions are up to you...

Acceptance (9/93)
This is one of my initial reactions to fandom- disbelief that I was no longer alone. I was always used to being the strangest kid on the block with the most far-out books, and here I was normal!

Tightrope (3/88)
To most people, discipline is a four letter word (myself included). On the other hand, there's a lot to be said for focusing in on accomplishing your dreams.

Movin' Along (5/83)
It took about as long to write this song as it takes to play it. Just keep movin' along.

Plain Valentine (2/92, 11/93)
I wrote this for Susan when I didn't even have enough cash in my pocket to buy a card for Valentine's Day. She preferred the song to the potential card.

Joining (7/94)
What happens when you need something so much, you steal it rather than earning it?

Tremor (1/94)
Inspired by the California earthquake of January, 1994.

Journey's Done (5/94)
The push for space is not an individual or national goal- it's a racial one. Many have contributed to Mankind's push to go higher, faster, and farther. This is for all who share that dream.

To Touch A Star (4/95)
For Joshua- May he dream the dreams and plant the seeds that grow to where he wants to be.

Copyright ©2003 Steve Macdonald