Festival of Light liner notes

Engineered and Produced by Steve Macdonald

Recorded December 16-18, 2001 at Thin Ice Studios

Steve Macdonald: Vocals, Guitars

Happy Holidays!! This is the first CD I've ever produced myself; from recording and mastering to CD duplication- strictly at home. As a first effort, it's far from perfect, but I hope you enjoy the results. These are songs that have spoken to me spiritually this year; or mark significant changes in my life- or in wone way or another say '2001' to me.

I wish joy and safety for you and your loved ones in this coming year.

Song Notes:

Babylon (Don McLean)
I always wanted to be able to do this!! And it's a lovely, lovely song.

Light One Candle (Peter Yarrow)
I've always loved this song; and it has added significance for me since the events at Ground Zero.

Dark Is Rising (Susan Cooper and Julia Ecklar)
Frodo lives!!! Though this isn't specifically a Tolkien song, the themes match.

Day to Day (Stan Rogers)
Winter theme, coupled with hard work and a strong desire to be elsewhere. That's me, too often.

Summer (John Denver)
Summer follows winter. One of the happiest songs I know.

Green Hills of Harmony (Hal Frank and Hamish Henderson)
I was inducted into the Dorsai Irregulars this year. This song also has added significance from September.

Looking for Jack (Talis Kimberley)
This song represents more things than I have space to write here... sorry... Just enjoy.

*warm* (Steve Macdonald)
It just felt kinda right to put this one here. I originally wasn't going to put any original material on this CD; I couldn't quite do it...

Festival of Light (Tracy Lunquist)
A song for all faiths and all creeds this holiday season.

Happy Holidays!!!

Copyright ©2003 Steve Macdonald