My Songspinner

(aka Steve Macdonald)

by Susan Macdonald (1995)

For a long while there were people that thought that Steve was living in an alternate reality when he claimed to have a wife and two...then three children. He was accused of selecting random pictures to pass off as his family claiming they were waiting patiently at home. (I wouldn't exactly call it patiently, but since people are so nice as to credit me with that, I will accept it.)

After the family arrived on the fan scene people wanted to know how the two of us.... well, we're so different. Steve and I aren't sure what cosmic force got us (and keep us) together, but....

It was the fall of 1982 and Pam and I had just arrived for the midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. We were the first ones in the theatre (unfortunately). We were chatting when all of a sudden "Eeee-hee-hee-hee" crackled from the back of the room. It was none other that that would be filker, Steve...... as a guitar toting Brad Majors. Suffice it to say that by the end of the evening I did not EVER want to meet this person again in my life.

About six weeks later, I found out (to my horror) that I was dating his roommate. The roommate turned out to be not so much of a gem, but I had a chance to visit with Steve for a while then. As it turned out our fathers were both school administrators, in fact they worked together as teachers during the 50's. He knew my brother from Barbershop Chorus, and he'd met my sister at some meeting at Kalamazoo College. He turned out to be a wonderful listener, and had quite a sense of (rather twisted) humor. I have to admit that I was quite fascinated with his guitar playing. He'd been at it since he was 12 or 13.

So we dated right? No, he actually went out with a couple of my girlfriends. I ended up housemates with one of his exes. It was almost two years later when I went to see him play at a restaurant/bar and ended up as his date. (It must have been fate.) Five months later we were engaged. Eleven months hence, we were wed. It was all very romantic, and the families even approved (mostly). We have outdistanced the longest bet at our reception by more than double! (Have I really been married for a decade! Yikes!)

In my time with him, he has played more open stages, under- paid gigs, slow bar nights, and places with questionable futures than I'd even ever care to think about. For a while it was great fun too. I got a lot of homework done while truly adoring my Songspinner. (I was still earning my BA.)

Well, nights out ended for me, but not for Steve, when our oldest, Luke, couldn't sleep through a gig. He kept pursuing his desire to play for an audience. (It also helped to keep us in groceries which made this behavior tolerable.)

Then, not too long after kid number two arrived (that would be Renee) a friend of Steve's told him that he just had to come to this science fiction convention she was going to. So, being oblivious to real life for a moment (OK, more than a moment), he agreed. I believe that it was Capricon of 1992. I guess he even spent a good deal of time jamming with a guy who later turned out to be Steven Brust.

I wasn't sure who came home from that weekend. It looked like Steve, but there was this nugget of pure satisfaction in his soul that wasn't there when he left. (I on the other hand, was anything but.... I had just been left with two small children for the weekend, and someone was late getting home.....) Anyway, that was the beginning of filk for Steve. It has resulted in travels from California to Canada, house sings, guest appearances, concerts, collaborations, tapes...(Joshua was born 10 days or so before the Marcon 94 release of Songspinner. Mom was left with babysitters for that one!)

What people wanted to know about Steve after his first couple cons was "Where have you been? You're so good!" What I want you to know is that he was at the open mikes, and the run down joints, and playing every chance he got while he was looking for a place play his own music, and be accepted and cared about by people like you. I also want you to know that for all his quirks he's a wonderful man with a big heart, who is trying (and succeeding) to do the right things for the right reasons and I love him for it. (Bill, I don't think I'll kill him.... today anyway *sigh*)


Copyright ©2004 Steve Macdonald