Steve Macdonald

by Bill Roper (1995)

Bill wrote this bio for FilkOntario. No shame.

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a new filker! Yes, it's Steve Macdonald! Rocketed here from the doomed planet, Kalamazoo, he landed at OVFF in 1992, where he demonstrated chording abilities far beyond those of mortal men. Now, disguised as a mild-mannered computer technician, he fights his never-ending battle for tuning, diction, and the fannish way!

No, I don't think so. (There is the sound of a sheet of paper being removed from an antique typewriter, crumpled, and tossed over the shoulder.)

One of the really nice things about filking is how ready people are to accept new performers. Take Steve Macdonald. You take one look at him, and you just know he's 22 and fresh out of college. He finds filking at Conamazoo in 1992 and then hits OVFF later that year. Before you know it, he's Interfilk guest at Conchord in 1993, featured filker (with Mary Ellen Wessels) at Toronto Trek in 1994-- now here he is at FilKONtario in 1995, and he's going to be Guest of Honor at OVFF later this year. Just an other instant success.

(*shrip* *crumple* *crumple* *toss* *bounce*)

Steve Macdonald was born in a log cabin in Kalamazoo in 1961. At the age of three, he shot himself a guitar.

(*shrip* *SHRED* *crumple* *crumple* *hurl* *bounce*

(Incoming E-mail from Judith: "Do you mean to say that the bio is not yet finished?")

(E-mail response to Judith: "No, I mean to say that it is not yet begun.")

Steve Macdonald is one of the latest additions to our talented group of singer/songwriters here in Mid-western filking, and certainly a welcome one. But let's not call him an instant success, because that sort of silly label is the thing that obscures the years of hard work that went into developing the skills that led to that success.

Steve's been singing in choirs since he was in third grade. Along the line, he picked up the guitar and practised for years to develop his distinctive style. He also plays a bit of organ, piano, percussion, and recorder. He had three years of classical voice training while studying music at Western Michigan University. He's even been on a tour of Europe with the Blue Lake International Choir. Not a shabby resume.

When he was only 16, Steve shot - excuse me, wrote- his first song. Since then he's written over a hundred songs- despite three years of inactivity in the area that ended when he found filking. (It's funny how a new audience will get you back in the saddle.)

So now that his years of hard work have been recognized and appreciated by the filking community, Steve is a big success. Now he can sit back, bask in his well deserved glory and become a spoiled, egotistical filkhog.

Well, I suppose he could, but he's not. That'd spoil all his fun. Because what's fun for Steve is being one of the gang- being with and interacting with people who think like he does. In short, Steve is quite thoroughly and unredeemably fannish. We have been saved.

Steve started reading SF at 13 with Heinlein's "Have Spacesuit, Will Travel". Heinlein remains the favourite author of this omnivorous reader -- there's a 42-way tie for second among both modern and classic SF and fantasy authors. And then, there's gaming (no time), and comics (no money), and, of course, Star Trek (no shame).

It was simply Steve's misfortune that he didn't trip over fandom until 1992. Poor lad. All that sense of wonder, all that creative energy, with nobody to share it with.


Except, of course, his wife, Susan. Who is simultaneously pretty, pleasant, patient, and prone to forgiving Steve when he disappears for a weekend to work on a tape project, or when he has a gig, or .... Well, at least, she hasn't killed him yet. (Nor does she seem likely to.) And then, there are their three children, Luke, Renee, and Joshua.

Hey, if they're going to grow up with a sense of wonder, they've picked the right parents.

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